Please note that the below refers to the non-VR version of Mekside.

Currently, controls are not configurable. The following are the built-in controls. You can change the mouse y-input (“invert mouse”) in the Options screen.

Main Game controls
  • Mouse motion: look around
  • Right mouse button: operate block when no eq is selected, otherwise use eq or build
  • R: edit properties of block
  • Ctrl + Middle mouse button: start or end a network connection
  • Left mouse button: attack or remove block
  • Mouse wheel: rotate the selected hotbar item
  • A, D or arrow left/right: strafe left/right
  • W, S or arrow up/down: move forward/backward
  • Space: jump
  • C: crouch
  • E: open/close the inventory
  • F: push/apply force on the object in front of the player – force increases with time
  • Z,X: rotate desired orientation of the next block to be placed through all orientations
  • 1-9: select hotbar entry 1 to 9
  • 0: de-select all hotbar equipment (use this to Operate on blocks)
Special keys
  • Ctrl-S: Quick-save the current game state
  • O: toggle console visibility
  • P: toggle flymode
  • Ctrl-P: toggle view smoothing (“steadycam mode”)
  • Shift-R: reset player position (only in devmode)
  • V: toggle visualization of computer network connections
  • ESC: bring up the menu (ESC in menu returns to the game)
  • Shift-ESC: immediately exit the game, without saving