General questions

What about support for multiplayer?

Multiplayer/serverside support is due to be released later. It is implemented but undergoing testing to make the updates of all freely moving physics objects on the clients as smooth as possible.

Can voxel-structures created in the game break apart?

No, but it will be able to. The engine is fully capable of simulating and rendering thousands of obliterated voxels in the air, so don’t worry! We need to finetune this before enabling it. Basically, breakage due to collisions will be enabled first, but breakage due to structures’ own weight is more difficult and is lower on the TODO-list.

Questions relating to installing and running the game

Where is the application data stored (settings and world-data)?

On Windows, enter %appdata% in the “Search programs and Files” start menu option, and find the mekside sub-folder somewhere there depending on the Windows version. On Win7, it’s under Roaming.

The gameoptions.dat file can be edited to change some options that are not editable inside the game currently, like full-screen mode and windowed mode. It’s not recommended to change these though except for development or debugging.

In the world sub-folder, constructions can be dropped and you can backup stuff you’ve built from there as well. More on this will be available as another document.