TODO / Known limitations

The following is, in no particular order, a list of known bugs and limitations in the current development-release of Mekside – sort of a TODO-list.


  • Water transparency mixing is not correct in darkly lit areas in the terrain
  • The rendering for the dynamic objects looks a bit odd for some of the materials compared to when the materials are placed in the static terrain. Same thing when viewing these in the inventory.
  • Currently there are no shadows, not even fake diffuse drop-shadows, generated by the NPCs or the dynamic voxel objects


  • The player can crouch visibly, but it isn’t reflected in the actual physical height in the game
  • The player has a speed-limit different from other physics-objects so players and objects don’t fall at the same rate in some situations

Controlling the game

  • Keyboard remapping in the Options menu

Game / simulation logic

  • The sandbox running the Lua computer programs in the game does not limit the execution time or memory usage, so a script can block or crash the game. All potentially harmful Lua operations like file I/O are disabled, though, so it is safe to share code except that the game might crash.
  • The state of the computers are not saved in the game state. The code in the computers will restart from the beginning upon load, which should be taken into account when writing code until this is fixed.
  • Progress-bar on terrain generation is missing
  • There should be some sort of more comprehensive online help
  • Mobs/NPCs will have better AI
  • Multiplayer / server-play not implemented yet
  • Sharing of constructions through the server not implemented yet