Construction time

It was some time since the last update, and a lot has happened in the engine but before writing about the code I thought I’d post a couple of videos showing the usage and constructing of vehicles and structures and what you can do, something which has been badly lacking in the videos uploaded so far..

First, here is a video of a test with building a monster-truck with big wheels. The wheels can’t be perfectly round obviously, so I wanted to do some tests on how large they have to be to get a fairly smooth ride. This actually worked pretty well. Next week I will build something larger and more complex.

Below is a video on the details how to construct the vehicle. I’m sorry I don’t have my audio-recorder working with the screen capture program yet, so I couldn’t record a commentary. I’ll do this for the next vid.

As a bonus, a video where I try to construct some kind of hovering platform in water. It failed because I chose the wrong turbines. The water-turbines only work in water, so as soon as they lift their corresponding corner of the floating platform in the video, they lose power and the result is a platform that just kind of bounces on the water surface.

When I tried compensating with a rocket engine, it had far too much thrust 🙂

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