Cow Mayhem

Ok so here is the thing.. for some reason, when you have a lot of farm animals hanging around, chilling and grazing around you, it’s almost impossible to resist the urge to blow up trees all around them.. 🙂

If you hang in there with the video for a minute, you will see some of the actual power behind the game engine coming to life. The explosion generator breaks up the target volume into individual blocks and leaves them to the physics. For the coming versions you will see more realistic breaking up of objects, where they don’t always split into their atoms completely, but break according to fracture lines.

The dev-0.85 version available in the Download section lets you play with this destruction, temporarily overloaded onto the grapple hook equipment. It’s not completely bug-free yet; especially the engine can slow down very much if the dynamic blocks get stuck after the initial explosion. If this happens, try to find the stuck block and remove it, or simply exit the game or reload the world.

Also added by popular demand is some online help for the block types and names in the inventory browser.

As with the previous teaser, the music is by our creative Peter Mörck.

Happy mooing!

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