Dynamic lightmap tests

Just testing some OpenGL lightmaps for handling the static and dynamic shadows and lighting, and making sure they work together with mob/NPC rendering.

Note the HDR lighting system – there is a difference in scale between the outdoor sunlight and the artificial light (represented by, hrm.. sugarcanes.. in this test..) so when the player moves into the sun and then looks into the artificial lightsources they don’t seem to lit up anything really in comparision.

Ambient shadows beneath mobs are still one glaring omission that has to be fixed somehow. I could simply blend in a dummy fuzzy oval under each rendered mob, regardless of their shape, which is probably better than nothing. But how exactly should the fuzzy shadow be projected? Mekside contains many dynamic voxels and not just static terrain which is much easier to project to and handle. This will require some creative thought I guess.. maybe some screenspace technique could help..

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